A Lifestyle Brand

PRO LIFE FITNESS is a young start-up company based in London, United Kingdom.

Auxilium tackles all clients by first submitting a creative brief. In creating digital media for Pro Life Fitness we wanted to get a sense of who their target audience is and what color palette represents their brand.

We decided on creating a simple text based logo that would be easy to read and implement on various media.

A Minimalist Design

Pro Life Fitness has a target audience ranging from the elderly all the way down to the youth. To achieve this we needed a design that used the brand’s color palette while having text that was large and easy to read.

We settled on the design above featuring all the prominent information. The main target would be the elderly and adults where social media call-to-actions would not be as relevant for that demographic. We endeavored to separate the social media platforms to be targeted toward the younger audience through Pro Life Fitness’s brick and mortar and other marketing channels.

Who is Pro Life Fitness LTD.

Having just started to operate taking on clients from all walks of life, our main goal is aiding clients in achieving the change they want to see. Most of all being cost effective and providing an affordable service for anyone in need or seeking guidance. Holding the highest standard in client experience, service quality and professional throughout the client experience with us.

We believe in truth and honesty coupled with clarity and adaptability to your needs to improve your own knowledge and understand of yourself.

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